Relaxing On a Fast-Moving Train

My husband will tell you that it is hard to be me. I tend to live life with a slow, constant trickle of worry that ebbs and flows depending on the health and happiness of my children and my patients. Going on vacation can sometimes be a challenge. Lying on a secluded beach, surrounded by warm sand and water certainly sounds dreamy, I know, but it can be hard to flip the switch in my brain to relaxation mode.

Finding the Forever Fix

Turns out it is possible to find the Forever Fix – it’s at the local library. Or it will be when I return my copy. I’ve been raving recently to anyone who’ll listen (and probably some who don’t) about a book I found on genetic therapies called The Forever Fix: Gene Therapy and the Boy Who Saved It by Ricki Lewis.

Phase One Goal Reached!

From bake sales to lemonade stands, to fishing derbies, to the wave of support for our YouCaring page, the love and support from our community, family, friends and strangers is overwhelming.